New error


Anyone got this today?


Same here just noticed it a bit ago. Can’t access anything


Yeah I got it




I get that too, and when I clicked on the link it took me to a Beta Tester Feedback Form, though I did not sign up for any Beta testing.



I’m seeing it too… :scream::scream:


I got this message too when I went to do my drain and fill. :cry:


@Stephen @bjorn


Still there this am. Hope it clears up drain and fill today


I just get the 500 server error. Hope it’s not a 4 day weekend for everyone.


Thanks for the heads up everyone! @bruno and the team will look into this first thing this morning.


I do! Can’t access the my grobo page


Same here been like this since last night.


Very nice back up now. Water change coming up.


You’re quick @Wolf! Everything is online and running again. Our apologies for the down time.

If you notice anything that’s still not working please let us know.


Thank you @bjorn, Drain and fill done. My beloved plant can eat fresh food again :slight_smile:


@bjorn any chance it was caused by shaws outage? Across Canada


@ToddYYC It was caused by an update our team made and our automatic alert system didn’t fire properly to notify us of the issue. It was a small mistake in the code and the team is working now to make sure it doesn’t happen again!


Mine is done also way to go guys


Ok good to know. Shaw got knocked out last night for a good portion of the country so wasn’t sure if that was it. They still haven’t gotten the issues fixed 14 hrs later