New announcement from grobo


Just got a email from grobo saying:

Any ideas what it could be? I hope this is why my grobo hasn’t shipped yet. Fingers crossed


I’m kind of worried, because I have an order that I am paying using and if it’s a new version of Grobo I don’t want to be shipped the old Grobo.

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I am in the same boat! Saw the email and started thinking the same thing. I would love the option to “upgrade” before mine ships!


How exciting. I wonder what the announcement is???


DRAT! I JUST received my Grobo!! I could be a real sad kitten depending on this “big” announcement… Hopefully I’m a real HAPPY kitten!!

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More in-depth control of the unit would be a nice announcement. A little more access to data/feedback (weekly: gives us the ability to track trends and adjust accordingly) and recipe manipulation (extending stages of grow, editing feeding scheduling).

Exciting news either way! Glad to see positive things happening.


Already done :white_check_mark:


I’m betting it’s the grobo 2 with many of the changes/enhancements we as users have given feedback about. Option of no fluid glass, attachment for an external charcoal filter, stronger fans for better airflow, tighter seams, better pump, ability to take the back panel off for repairs etc, think things we have all complained about! That’s just my 2 quid worth, or is it yen?..maybe it’s bhat…:joy:


Hopefully it’s something like international shipping. That’d be great.

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I highly doubt hey have a new unit … we haven’t even got what’s promised to us from the original grobo yet … if I had to guess the app is finally rolling out … or it’s Probky just another sale for 4/20


I agree with you @chris_barfield. Here’s to hoping we gain access to all our data real time on the app🤞

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Never gonna happen



I just tested out a new app feature but I have no idea if this is the announcement or part of it but it worked great! Sorry can’t drop any spoilers beyond this :point_down: :thinking:


Man all I know is by now we better be able to see the data :cold_sweat:


I had the same @Azuri :wink:

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Is that the beta ph calibration ui? I’ll bet it is :joy:



:joy: I haven’t tried it yet as I got the key :key: just after I calibrated my ph probe with Jason. Always a minute late and a dime short :joy::beer:

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I don’t even get grobo mails anymore. :disappointed_relieved: don’t know why.


I’ll bet it’s just a 420 sale or something about as climactic as one :joy: