Neem oil foliage nutrient spray

I spray with neem oil once a week so how often do I spray with foliar nutrient spray?

Hey Cowboy, why are you using neem oil? Do you have and active bug infestation? I have not seen many others utilize foliar feeding in the Grobo. I believe @vegetato used a foliar supplement to remedy an ailment in the past. Veg, might you be able to touch on this?

Yes I got rid of my bugs with neem oil and I used to use Yucca, Kelp, and Folic Acid as a Foliar spray nutrient once per week

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Interesting, nice work dealing with the infestation, any idea what type of bugs they were?

They were eating my cannabis so killed them straight away with neem oil

Outdoor grow or grobo grow


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@SWSVIC my foliar spray was for feeding, not for bugs - back when I got root rot in an earlier grow.

When growing outdoors I do a wash in a tub of h2o2/water after chopping, and sometimes even spray the plant while it’s alive right before chopping to get any live ones to buzz off first. That usually gets most of the outdoor dust/bug shells/etc. Haven’t had to resort to these tactics indoors, knock on wood!

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I have Multiple Sclerosis and my spraying is indoors only because of my disability i can’t go outdoors anymore. And my spraying reasons are not like yours anyway

I was aware, sorry if I didn’t word it clearly.