Need help diagnosing/identifying threat or problem [RESOLVED]



Please help! Does anyone know what this white stuff around the top of my cocopod is? I noticed it this evening I’m afraid it might be mold I hope it’s not threatening, the base of its trunk maybe under attack based on the pictures?

@Stephen should I be worried? The plant looks OK other than that.


@Matthew, Maybe a support ticket :tickets::ticket: is needed here… I agree with you, your plant does look like it is in good shape, but they can determine if it is, or will go into shock from this cocoa pod infection… If your roots get slimy, it may not be feasible to moving forward… We’ll let the GroboTeam do their diagnoses… #ThankYouForSharing… #GoodLuck:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::wink:


I would t worry every single one of mine did it … including this transplant from soil to grobo I’m currently running and not an issue … most others have had it too … not sure what it is but I know it didn’t affect me at all


Hey @Matthew,

Not a worry, it won’t harm your plant. It is a beneficial bacteria growth that sometimes will show on the top of your coco pod. It promotes strong root growth and contributes in other ways to help out your plant.



Ok that’s a huge relief, thanks everyone! :green_heart: