My roots have come off!


I dunno if this is a first but. My roots are gone. I open my top to take the pics support asked for and there was nothing there. I found them floating in the back of the grobo. It was a pretty weak root system it never developed into a big system. It was just 1 root that split several times into a bunch of roots. Maybe the bubbles was too much strain on it. I added more water so the coco pod can get wet so she can get nutes until more roots come. Hopefully. This grow is cursed. Should I just end it and start over??

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Oh no! That is your tap root, the main vein for your plant.

At best you will be pushed back a couple weeks in your schedule while the little one recovers and sends out new roots in search of water and food. She may not recover though. I recommend keeping the lid closed as much as possible, roots don’t like light and can grab anything down there they can find. If you need a support pic, very gently and slowly lift the lid and use your hand to guide the roots away from anything they have grabbed onto. This prevents them from ripping them when the lid comes up.

Let’s see where she is at in a couple more days…



I very slowly opened the lid, that’s when I noticed it was gone. I guess I’ll give it a couple of days hopefully something takes its place.


@GroboJason, let’s keep an eye on this one eh? Will need to add a couple weeks to stage 3 at min. Keep us posted on how the little one progresses @Mcmanis, we are here to help.



Check your dm


@Stephen I was about to end it my grow . I went to take the coco pod out of the grobo. As I lifted it out right on the side was a strong milky white root tip making it’s way down. It wasn’t like the others. It wasn’t weak like little hairs. It was firm and strong like a tap root. Its it possible that a replacement is growing?


It sure is! It may not be an extension of your tap root, but it is the plant making a recovery. Good news!


Ur my favorite horticulturist. I guess I’ll just keep changing my water and wait it out. None of my leaves have died since the initial loss. Nothing new has grown. It appears to be frozen in time. I guess its waiting on the new root to hit the water.


Awe, thanks! You’ve made me blush.

Yeah, it’s a matter of time now. It may be a full 7 - 10 days before you see some noticeable growth up top, as she is focusing on building up her root system again. Patience my young Jedi… :wink:


PS - We can extend your veg time and probably should. You with me @GroboJason?


As @Stephen is also MY favorite horticulturalist as well I am going to agree wholeheartedly. @Mcmanis I have added 10 days to your grow. Happy to hear things are recovering!


Thank you both. I’m not going to bother her. I’m only going change the water and not look at her all week she will get her privacy.


Sorry about your luck. I would personality start over.


I just have a hard time letting go. She has a new root growing about to touch water soon hopefully that gets her back on track. I figure if shes fighting to live I can fight with her.