My first lollipop did I take to much off

how do you know if you took to much off? Is this ok or did I go scissor happy

I’m not experienced at all, but your plant looks really unhappy. #1 looks good but #2&3 it looks miserable. I don’t think this early you need to worry about lollipopping. At this stage it’s probably just a “top” (If it’s not an auto) and then let it recover.

It’s an auto and I was thinking she didn’t look happy either

This early I don’t think any trimming is needed. Maybe in late veg but now she just wants to grow. Leave her be and hopefully she recovers. I’m sure a more experienced grower will chime in.

did the bubbler inside for the roots go out?


It hasn’t been running i just thought it was part of its cycle

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Thats why. Go to the pet store buy one right now aNd come pipe it through the vent on the back. Your plant will die within a few days without it.


then open a ticket at


@lilg420 that’s your problem right there. The bubbler should be running 24/7. Put a ticket in with support, and if you are close to a pet store, stop by and get a cheap air pump and air stone. It’s pretty easy to run, @SWSVIC and a bunch of other people have their own air pump running.

Edit: @ToddYYC beat me to it!


@ToddYYC @VermontGrobo good catch guys!


Thanks guys much appreciated @ToddYYC @VermontGrobo @FireGuy @Aang


Will it last till tomorrow

I wouldn’t put it off too long.