Missing from the Grobo


Just wanted to get an idea of features that’s might be missing from the current grobo that are planned to happen in the future. Originally before I bought the grobo I thought it would read the humidity, temperature, resivoir level, etc…and it doesn’t seem to do any of that. Even the Grobo home page still shows app images of these features. Will the unit be able to perform them eventually???


I hope so I was just talking about that very thing in the plants up to 40 days thread


@Binky @Wolf these features will be available by @Stephen and @bruno @Chris once many of the important kinks get worked out… let’s not forget they only have about 16 people on staff … not everyone are programmers … plus I’m sure we all send many tickets a day for issues they need to solve … I’m sure the app will be revamped in the near future as allowing us to see the data would help us problem solve our own issues and help minimize tickets and petty issues …


Spectacular sorry I had so much time today to sound off. Once again happy fall to everyone. Glad to be a part


Wish I could work in canada I’d put in an application


Make it 17 people. If Nothing else i could bring doughnuts and offer comedy relief at all the wrong times.


Hi @Binky,

Fair question, we actually do read the temps, humidity, reservoir levels, EC, pH and more. The challenge is rolling it all out in a way that makes sense for our users and doesn’t put off beginners. We are slowly opening up windows into the data of your grows over the coming months, so hang in there!

@Wolf, doughnuts are ok, but we are bigger fans of poutine! And trust me, as the old guy with a mo-hawk, there is plenty to giggle at around the office.



I can appreciate some good poutine… but don’t you all have Tim Hortons around up there? I had my first TimBits a week ago while I was in Minnesota and have been craving them since.


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