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Hey @Russel_Richardson

Each strain reacts differently. Here’s a pic below (but no closeups) on the first day of 12/12 cycle. I can’t see any frostyness. The thing that grabs me is how small my plant was on the first day of 12/12 and how it ended up delivering 2oz’s plus 1/2oz of good sweetleaf. :+1: :herb:

Final result:


@Azuri yeah that’s awesome!

And I figured it might be strain related, just in my previous grows I’ve not seen thc production until the 12/12 change over


Day 47, 5 more days till flower!


Last day of extended late veg! I cannot wait till she blooms!

Looks a little sparse, won’t see her for 3ish days so just wanted to take some of the huge fan leaves that were blocking tops of lower branches as she goes into transition :slight_smile:


Like a sprinter crouched at the starting line, this one is gonna take off fast. Looking forward to watching this flower!



I’ve noticed her starting the stretch, can’t wait! :star_struck:. I’ll post some more pics tonight when the :bulb: come back on!


Day 55, 3/14 transition

I’ve noticed the tips of my leaves starting to get burnt but other than that she’s looking and smelling really good :slight_smile:


One of the better looking branches has decided it wanted to split in two…lol


Day 60, transition 8/14


She’s looking great @Russel_Richardson, beautiful sites forming-


Looks good!!!


Day 66, last day of transition (14/14)

Got a couple branches now that have decided to become Siamese twins lol.


Day 71, flower 5/39


I have a question!..

The breeders flowering info says 8-9 weeks flowering time. Is the transition stage factored into that or is it 8-9 weeks once the flower cycle begins on the grobo recipe. I’ll have to add a week or two I feel anyway just trying to get a feel for how much longer roughly.


I’m pretty sure it is @Russel_Richardson, she’s looking good…!


Yeah I was kind of thinking it was, so maybe I won’t need to add any time then depending on how it looks towards the end of the recipe. We shall see!

Thanks! I was away for a couple days and came back to some hairs poking through :slight_smile:


@Dew has it right @Russel_Richardson,

The flowering period starts with 2 weeks transition, add in the flower stage then add in the 10 days of flush. This will total your flower period. If you wish to make any adjustments, let me know.



Thanks! Sounds good!:grin:


Day 74, 8/39 flower

Hairs are really starting to make their appearance now, smells wonderful, strong. Absolutely no smell outside the unit though! :ok_hand:


Day 77, 11/39 flower