Master kush


She’s on day 17 here and appears to to growing strong😎


Looks great, consider topping around day 25-28 and double them colas. :+1:


Oh I plan on topping for sure. I was curious as to when I could do the first one, so probably a week and a half ish from now :ok_hand: thanks!


@Azuri I feel like she’s going to be short and bushy, if that’s the case would I benefit from topping more than once? Or would that just make her more of a bush lol


From what I can see most of the grows start short and bushy and then once you flip you will get the stretch my plant went from the 2nd fan to the top during its stretch, pics below.

Moral of the story I topped twice but this is HST so it could add extract time to your grow, time vs yeild. I would top twice.

From this:

And after the stretch


@Azuri damn that is quite the stretch, thanks for the topping advice.

What is that you’re growing there?


OG Kush Feminized, harvesting soon my stretch pic isn’t the most current but was the best to show the difference. :+1:


Well she’s on day 23 now. Her leaves are starting to push up against the back, man they’re huge lol


@Russel_Richardson that is a fine looking plant you got there :groboone:


@Stephane thanks! :sunglasses: Her stem has beefed up over the past few days I’m hoping to see some big growth soon


Day 26. Noticing some brown spots on some of the bigger fan leaves but she seems okay. When should I start trimming off some leaves to let some more light to the inside? I lightly pushed some of the bigger leaves under some branches that were trying to poke out but I noticed there’s a bunch of leaves that aren’t getting any light that are kind of wilty, when I could get some of them light after exposing them they perked up after a day.


A couple of these fan leaves are bigger than my hand and I mean I don’t have small hands…lol. I’d like to get more light down inside but maybe I’m just being impatient.


My plant and as I’ve seen many others all start out with those monster leaves all good and healthy.


Yeah I figured as much. I tucked the one that was trying to get into the fan under pretty good and got a lot of newer leaves exposed, should I have left it like it was or is this okay?


Nothing wrong with light training moving leaves away from new growth sites and won’t do any harm for sure.





Day 28. Filling out nicely, main stem is almost as thick as a AA battery


Should I take off the leaves that are kinda sitting on the lid? The one at the front there has a bunch of brown spotting on it

I’ve had to fill the reservoir twice now this week. Every second/third day she’s down well over an inch, she’s thirsty!



No more than 20% gets trimmed off at a time, but I would snip the bottom brown spotted one… :wink:

Small Plant

@SilverGrobo even at the stage that I’m at now? I’ll be on day 30 tmrw