Master kush update

hey growers I have bin busy for awhile and had some time to give you all an update bin shifting my schedule around bin doing some topping and light cutting she’s bin doing good so far can’t wait !!! Still on day 63/70 on late veg might add a couple weeks !!!


hey growers !!! Was wondering if I should go into Transition!! I still have 68/77 of late vegetation too go just wondering bin still topping and trimming !!! I was learning more into adding another week but I figured I could ask and see !!!


Vegetation is only 14 days total, looks like you have been extending for awhile. The rule of thumb is to extend until your happy. Remember it grows a lot during the next two stages so you may not want to wait much longer or you’ll get burned by the lights.

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That’s what I was thinking @Bplatinum9 thanks



Looks like it’s right at the top of the second fan… Transition time is good to start now… Correct @Bplatinum9 : we don’t want it to burn if she is a tall breed…