Manifold experiment



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:thinking: interesting… You would think the foil would have been tested? @Stephen

I like your training grid

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Thanks. As for the foil I was having an issue with the water temp getting up to 76°-78° noticed light penetrates the plastic. With the foil my water temp is around 72°. And no more light shining through. Seems to be working.


Master Nugbuckets would be proud Lol good luck…

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I used cardboard to test this theory (it does help, I think) in a prior grow. Foil is a much easier way to accomplish the blackout though.

The only thing to watch for is focused light. The creases in the foil can reflect the light in a way that can cause pin-size burns to appear on the plant. The light might not be direct or powerful enough to cause that in the grobo but it’s something to keep an eye out for. If you see tiny burn holes appearing under the leaves that might be why.


I’ve been interested in trying this, but haven’t had the courage… so I will be watching. Have fun

Thanks for the heads up I will keep an eye out for that.