Could grobo grow a mandarin plant? ! They seem small enough not sure


Hi @puncy,

I can’t see the photo you’ve included. You can use a link or upload a photo, any chance you could try again?



It was just a picture of a small mandarin plant not sure why i cant upload it correctly.


The size might work, but a couple of challenges arise when dealing with mini cultivars. The 1st is germinating from seed. This is not an easy or quick process. Often need to ‘winterise’ the seeds to have them even pop. The 2nd is pollination. Unlike a cannabis grow, where we fight to keep our buds seedless (sinsemilla) with a fruit grow, you want every flower to be filled with pollen. This can be difficult to achieve indoors where you are forced to hand pollinate.

Looking forward to seeing some eager grow pioneers start this project!



@puchy the main concept around the art of Bonsai is restricting the root ball size. Given the size of the Grobo One’s DWC tank your Bonsai would quickly turn into a tree

I would love for a mini-Grobo that could take care of my bonsai trees for me though :smile: