Light is not on!

So my grobo light is not on, nor does it turn on when I open the door. I am at day 34 of late vegetation (day 10/14), the recipe is a 100 day grow
The light should be on right?

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I’ve reset it 3 times, each time the light comes on, for about 3 to 5 minutes then shuts off. I also tried changing the light schedule and saving the new schedule still the light shuts off after a reset.

Sounds like it could be overheating and shutting down. What’s the temperature and RH%?


10% RH 88 degrees F, well that might be it. it is in my garage and today was a record heat day at almost 90 f, it should be around 75 F this time of year…it did come back on for a little while then turned off again. you think that might be it? I live in the high desert.


Yes I think it is overheating. Try to get some fans in there and cool it down. Report back results. Good luck sir


temp is now 83 and the light came back on. Sure would be nice if it is over heating we get a notification, just like we should be getting PH levels too.


It is not an over heating issue, temps down to 60F checked this morning light still out. guess I need to transfer my plant to soil and get some light on it, it was so pretty now I’m going to loose it. I hate the grobo nothing but problems.


  • (CouldAlsoBeElectricalWiring): (IfItIs [TooWarm/TooHumid] TheLightWillKickOff):

  • (SoSorryThisIsHappening): (ThisOneNeedsATicket [:ticket:]):