Life expectancy of a Grobo


Grobo Team,

This may be a good opportunity to ask what the expected lifecycle of a Grobo today? Will Grobo make components available for purchase once the limited warranty has expired or a failure has occurred and does not fall under the language of the warranty? During your lifetime testing has your team had to consistently replace any one component, repeated failures, lighting failures/burnout, fan longevity, software adaptation, how did the machine adapt over extend use, etc. Just looking to ensure that I get the most out of my unit until Bjorn is ready to start working on the Grobo 2!

Two separate questions:

The fluid glass, will there be changes made with the overall design? Is this a feature that you guys are looking to remove and use on future iterations? While the teams are discussing options are they also looking into how to improve the light leakage? The last war door you guys had sent as a replacement provided a better result, but still allowed quite a bit of light to leak.

Air pump, what exactly took place with the previous component you were working with? Could you trace it back to the manufacture and if so what is causing the failures? Will you be looking to use a new component entirely with the same manufacturer or will you be sourcing the pumps from a separate manufacturer?




im not a very smart or handy individual but due to the lack of input (over 2 business weeks) from support, can you walk me through how you installed third party air pump step by step? im almost three weeks into my grow with no oxygenated water. Thank you for your time.


Definitely interested in this subject! Anyone else who has related questions please feel free to post!


Hi @Rich,

That’s a lot of questions! Addressing your concerns in the first paragraph: we’re in the midst of working on a plan and will have updates for you in the near future. For now, everyone is still within their warranty period, so good news if anything needs to be fixed :slight_smile:

As for your 2 questions, I’ll answer them in order:

  1. The overall design of the fluid glass blocks out a large portion of light. We’re talking about over 99% light blockage through the medium when it’s in its ‘off’ state. I believe the majority of inconvenience you’re facing is with the light leakage around the edge of the door itself, correct? Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it in the field at this point in time, but we’ll let you know if anything comes up

  2. We’ve gone back to the manufacturer and have found the source of the issue. We’re working on this to make sure it doesn’t happen anymore - if you’re reading this and are having air pump issues, please reach out to and we’ll get you squared away

If you have any more questions or concerns Rich (or anyone else for that matter), please feel free to reach out at any time




Hi @feesh4life,

I believe that we’ve updated your support ticket - check your email box for more instruction on this matter :+1:




@Chris hello I have sent a ticket in regards to my air pump not working as well 5 days In and no air pump.


@chris_barfield Sounds good - we’ll get to it ASAP. Has your seed germinated yet? If not then all you really have to do in the mean time is make sure that your Coco Pod stays moist




Yea seed has germinated…

That’s a pic of it currently somehow the cocopod dropped in the water and has fallen apart on the side … but I’m more worried about the air pump than anything else… I can always just start with different seeds…



@chris_barfield did the Coco Pod arrive damaged or was it damaged from falling into the unit?

Someone should get back to you with your air pump ticket soon




@Chris the coco pod seemed like it was in perfect condition when I started… maybe it got too soaked when it fell into the reservoir … I dunno and great I’ll be stalking my email to resolve I think my plant finally poking through and creating its first set of leaves



Any updates on anything within this post?



@Rich if your referring to what I have posted they say they will send me an external air pump for now … and @Robyn is making a ticket for the fluid glass :frowning:


@chris_barfield I was actually referring to @Chris, however I’m glad to hear they took care of you!

@Chris can you provide any additional insight to the questions I posed in my original post?


Hi @Rich,

Do you mean the questions in the post at the very top of this thread from June 15th?






Hi @Rich,

Gotcha - with regards to the fluid glass the stackup is set and will be used in products where applicable. If you’re referring to the fluid glass for light leakage (into?) the unit rest assured that it has been designed in such a way that even with direct exposure to a light source, though not recommended, will still hold the plant’s required dark standards

The air pump issue has been remedied with the supplier - the current solutions for failed air pumps still stand, however, they should no longer happen anymore