Kush "n" Cookies


Well Im still waiting on my Grobo to show up :point_up_2: but in the meantime, their :pushpin: heeeerrreeee! Got my Kush “n” Cookies seeds today from seedsman!
I got a question for every/any one! Do you think my seeds are too dark or is this the norm?
I feel like they should come with an expiration date :calendar:


They look good to me. Put them in a jar (package and all) with rice in it(rice will prevent any moisture forming in the jar) and put it in the fridge until ready to germinate :+1::v:You can store seeds that way for a long time. If you need year/s or so then put it in the freezer :+1::v:


Thanks :pray: as always for the help! :sunglasses:


Anyone ever tasted the blueberry lollipop! So good! The strawberry :strawberry: tasted like weed but you can’t really taste it on the blue. Wild bills smoke shop, not just for tobacco anymore

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I put a couple silica gel packs, like what you would get in a box of new shoes, in a bag and then add what my seeds came in into that. Seems to work great, I’ll post a pic of what I mean when I get home, currently @ work lol

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I know what you’re talking about, and that’ll work. We eat a lot of rice so I always have loads around(three 5gal buckets full right now), so I went with that instead :joy:. Why so much rice you ask…lived in Asia for 7 years, and my daughter is half Thai. We love rice :rice:


Share some recipes I love rice!