Knowing when to end germination stage

Hey everyone, so I’m going through my first grow with my grobo. It’s a zkittlez hybrid indica strain from nirvana seeds. Iv went through 7 days in the germination phase and my plant is looking healthy, but how do you know when is a good time to move onto the next phase? (Early veg)

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It’s good. Leave her be.


Hey Tod, by leave her be do you mean I should stay in light veg then? Cause I skipped 3 days in the germination phase technically. I’m just not sure what changes in the grobo from germ to veg

That plant should be maybe 7 to 12 days total grow. Total. That keeps you in germination stage. Let her finish that stage
The next 3 stages are all 14 days each. If you add anytime in add it in the 2nd stage near end or early in 3rd stage. Shes fine to leave as is for now needs to open up more


Alright I appreciate the advice! I shall add some pics further down the road



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(Germination and Early Veg. I would let them ride the Schedule):