Just transplanted from soil to my grobo (experiment)


Ok cool I believe I entered flowering today … should I send a ticket in to see where I’m at in my schedule or ask here @GroboJason?

How is this that chocolate mint strain going ? I’m actually interested to see what you produce out of that? @Stephen

Also can we get some pictures of your current grows in the grobo? I’m interested to see your techniques on lst to maximize yield ? Also I just like looking at plants lol


Good luck. I killed two plants and then put in a seed.



The Chocolate Mint OG has popped and is starting it’s journey! I’ll see if I can share some of it’s progress, once we have finished producing the web series. We are trying to open the test lab up a bit, but producing quality content is not easy or cheap. Stay tuned for cool things coming…

Oh, and you are on day 2 of stage 5. You have been in flower mode for 16 days now. Finished the stretch, should start seeing buds pop up.



Yea I have white pistils forming as we speak I was co fused because I thought the lights would change to red almost like when the grobo boots up lol that’s my fault for being confused!!

And I def second That good content is hard work and expensive can’t wait to see what you guys got brewing for sure … this trapstar has exploded in growth from the past night … I guess it’s loving it’s new living quarters lol… plant seems to love 45 percent humidity and 80 degree for temps been running that environment for about 5 days and she has exploded for stretch


Major Haircut today my canopy was becoming wayyy too bushy and too many chutes had to stretch to get to the light so I hopefully i defoliate decently… tried to follow nebulas defoliation guide but I’m more I’d watch someone do it once then I got it kind of leaner so hopefully I did alright




Two days away from harvest and all I can say is wow … this baby was thrown in soil and left on a porch to be root bound , punished by the heat (sealed porched so it got really hot in there), no nutrients, and light schedule all off… the amount of stress she took was nuts and then I transferred her to the grobo and she suffered two more weeks of shock… and then I get these results …
I’d say this experiment was successful. The grobo can definitely handle soil transplants !!

@Stephen @Chris


:white_check_mark: WOW


Wow indeed!!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Real sparkly


:heart_eyes: Holly Molly that looks grrrate​:raised_hands:t5:


That frost is amazeballs @chris_barfield! I’ll admit I wasn’t sure at 1st but wowzers…



Yea she definitely produced for sure except buds are smaller than what I thought but after she went through who am I to complain !! She smokes amazing nice clean ash so I know the flush went well!!

Round two with a strong clone in there … question I had the clone sitting in the solution from this previous flower stage and she was growing strong and all green flower cover leaves had a slightly yellower tint for lack on nitrogen… but when I switch to grobo she developed purple stems and stalk at the top of the plant ? How can I correct that? Growth is rapid and green … all leaves showing nitrogen loss have since been repaired…

My temps are showing 73-75 during lights on and shivering around 35 percent humidity from my 10 Rh meter says

Any ideas on if it’s a cal/mag , phosphorous , potassium issue ?


Hey @chris_barfield

I’m not an expert but I think the stems and stalks going purplish is normal as the plant goes into flower and they get more “woody” then the veg stage. The purplish stocks and stems are the ones up high close to the lights the ones below still green. That’s what I noticed on my last grow anyways.