Just transplanted from soil to my grobo (experiment)


Crazy how much this transplant has grown over these short few weeks … this is her first day of stage 4 today …

Did some trimming over the past few days so she’s a little skinny but she’s was def bushy as ever… still need to trim some more but I wanna see what everything looks like during the stretch … I don’t want to cut anything off that I don’t need to…


Beast mode activated!


Pistols are already coming out the preflower wish this iPhone xs … 10x zoom was better so I can take a nice pic… what do you recommend for look at your plants closer? Jewelers loop? I’ve heard they can zoom to 30x?


I like this cheap and simple 60 x Loupe.

I also like this digital microscope.

It will give you pictures of trichomes like this!!



@Stephen just ordered that cheap loop … and you weren’t kidding about the stretch lol first night and tops I can visibly tell have stretched and are reaching… some of the bottom fan leaves are drooping as if overwatered after a drain/fill last night … new growth looks strong and don’t show signs of this. Could this be from the plant now focusing on new growth that is getting light?


Yup, the plant hormones are a changing right now as she transitions to flower. Keep an eye on that stretch and supper crop as needed. Would be great to see some of your updated photos in this thread!




We just got this one… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::eye::wink:



Is an Awesome Show… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::eye::green_thumb:


The hand held looks like a great option, I use the 2nd one shown above. They produce great shots, I’ll share some more in the morning on a new thread.



Hey @SilverGrobo

I have the exact same one, I intend on using it next month, :+1: :herb:


Quick update on the soil transplant she’s coming close to the end of stage 4 @JonnyBlaze still no bud sites besides the preflowers … but that’s cool she’s doesn’t look like she wants to stop stretching all too much … I’ve been bending a lot of branches to kind keep the canopy low but now I fear I’ve caused a lot of fan leaves to bunch up … trying to keep humidity 45 percent and below to fight any mold or issues like that … having some issues trying to keep the second fan clear of huge fan leaves but they just keep growing lol… she’s doing really well … hardest thing for me now is deciding what I should do for light pruning … also you can’t see it but there are some really huge. Branches in the back stretching but I suck at taking pics … reason why I have barely any selfies on my instagram … and also if anyone wants to follow my Instagram my handle is @Yagirlsheugly


@SilverGrobo or @Azuri have either one of you used this yet. I’ve been seeing them and like what I’ve read but would be cool if I can get an opinion from one of you two. Much appreciated!!


Used a grobo?


Hey @Ctaylor684

If you’re taking about the loupe above I’ve tried it, it’s great has built in LED light too. Hard if you want to take a picture through it but handy since it’s handheld.


I guess I should have been more clear sorry @chris_barfield. Yes @Azuri I was talking about the loupe above, thanks for the review appreciate it.


Microscope is Awesome… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::face_with_monocle:



This is a post I did with my phone and the microscope… :laughing::face_with_monocle:


Day 13 of flower and we finally have pistils popping up !!


@Stephen I have a question… when we switch to stage 5 (full flowering) will the color of my mights change to a redder spectrum or do they always stay purplish/blue ? If they do change to a redder spectrum does it happen at my notification time or ?


Hi @chris_barfield,

Yes the spectrum does change for each stage. Once you enter stage 5, you will see the spectrum adjust slightly, increasing the red available to your flowering plant.