Just transplanted from soil to my grobo (experiment)


Morning @chris_barfield,

As @rouleauj states, you can lollipop now and research and perform super cropping in a couple weeks. To briefly review for all:

Lollipopping is taking away the lower leaves and branches that are not getting full light and will produce ‘popcorn’ bud or ‘larf’. This isn’t the best bud and often not as ripe as the rest of the plant. We remove this before flowering to concentrate the plant energy on the big buds up top.

Supercropping is pinching, twisting and bending tall branches down to a 90 degree angle to allow for upward growth of the nodes and really helps with height and space management. This is a great tool to use if you are getting too close to the light, it will help avoid burn.

Looking forward to seeing some flowers!



@Stephen thanks for the Info did a bit of trimming but it was hard to get in there with the knee Injury… lol

Anywho do you think I should top again? I think I’m ten days out till transition so I figured if I should do it, it should be now ? Plant I believe has been out of shock since Sunday… the branches on the bottom are growing and so are tops. Plant looks really healthy and peeked down below for the first time and I see a bunch of new white roots…

What are your opinions should I top again or leave her alone ? And if should top? Where and what should I top? @Stephen @Azuri @rouleauj


You’ve topped once? If you go to into flower in 10 days you can still top now.

Here’s the topping refresher :point_down:


By the pics @Azuri which one would you cut ? Could you cut more than one or would that be bad ?


If you topped once, that means you topped the main centre cola. Now that should have split into two colas. So if this is the 2nd time you can top the two of them resulting in four colas when it grows. If you top again this is “HST” and your plant will need some recovery time. You might have to push out flowering for a week since your plant suffered transplant shock too so not sure if you added time for that? Seems a bit small in the pics to be going into flower imo. Your call growing is prettty flexible in veg.


This guy —> @Azuri


@Azuri the ok t was started the same day my first grow started back in the end of July she small cuz she was pot bound for a while … so growth stunted until the transplant …

I want to top again but I want to hear from @Stephen before I make a move


@Stephen should I extend veg time and top again or just leave her be… I can’t really get good shots of bottom growth but it’s a lot


@Azuri nailed it. Doing it? Do it now. Extend recipe a bit…

Guess it’s ticket time!! Whoot…:wink:



Alright @Stephen going to do it now and send a ticket? Should I include pics for you to looks at or ?


No, just ask @GroboJason to extend your stage 3 by 7 - 10 days. That should allow for time to fill out the dimensions of the unit and increase the yield.




hey I just sent the ticket but did not include to extend stage 3 by ten days like @Stephen said I’ll send another ticket in … please disregard the previous one.


@Azuri thanks for the help my brotha!!


@chris_barfield Not a problem, thanks for the emails!


Strain = trapstar (LA OG KUSH x The Cube)
Breeder = exotic genetics (starfighter f2 dominant genetics)

Haven’t updated on the soil transplant but the trapstar is doing amazing in her new home . She was a whole lot bushier but I have trimmed a lot and I have the biggest fan leaves at the bottom tucked inside to allow for the branch growth to catch up to the rest of the plant and receive more light. Her color is a nice healthy forest green. Topped her for the second time a few days ago and I have a bunch of new colas forming. What was wierd was when I topped her the first time the main stem continued to grow so I ended up with the usual Y formation for the new colas and the main stem combined to make a sort of triangle of new colas lmaooo… only issues I’m having is some of my fan leaves are getting caught inside the fans…

She’s still in veg but boyyyyyyy i tell if you rub the stem she feels just a slight bit sticky but the stench on your fingerprints is so gassy which is surprising becuase well one she is in veg and two, just a day or two she just smelled like any other plant but today she’s is stinky…

I’m a tad bit worried that she will get too tall before the next stage so I’m sure I’ll be super cropping. I’ve already been trying to bend the newest colas to create some sort of flat canopy. I’m trying to figure out how to create a trellis net. To get ready for the next stage…

Only other issue I’m having is my cocopod is so low that most lower branches are actually really long but it takes so much to grow and reach the light due to the branches being so far down that they are taking a little longer Match the height of the plant.

For the fan leaves that I tucked in you guys think I should leave them or cut them to allow for more light? They are Green and no issues other than just blocking light for those branches I want to catch up ?

@Azuri @Stephen


Hey @chris_barfield

Just let nature take its course. What your seeing in your odd shape in plant is two different growth methods muddled into one. The start of your plant was potted and now the new growth is DWC eventually the plants new growth will replace all the growth at the bottom. There will be “no branch catching up” via extra light. Just let her grow!


Right on @Azuri you the man bro


I’m very curious to the mix that you’ll get in your harvest chris. Keep the updates coming love it


Quick pic !! Transplant looking nice !! Trimmed her up a bit got some more to do!! Might take out that lower branch but I dunno it might stretch !!

But just an update … stalk smells like gassss


That is looking really nice. I can almost smell her from here…