Just transplanted from soil to my grobo (experiment)


Well I was super stoned this morning and got to thinking I really like how my trapstar is doing in soil but wanted to see what it would be like inside the grobo … so I transplanted just now … I have no idea if it will survive or not but I don’t really care it’s a bag seed plant plus I’m moving at the end October and I would’ve probly killed the current plant transporting it to the new place which is far in those temps anyway … so we will see what happens that’s a pic of the plant right after transplant…


I’ll be interested to see how this goes Chris. Ideally I’d like a clone procedure in a coco pod to Grobo.


@Azuri yea for sure I would too … but I said what the heck … if it dies I’ll just pop more seeds. Things like this is what I purchased the grobo for Plus I think the data that comes off from this if it does survive might help the grobo team in updates or something … I don’t I enjoy experiments


Thanks for trying this chris. I’m trying g to go the opposite way but curious to see how this will do. What did you use in lieu of the cocopod? To hold it above the water line.


So check it out @ToddYYC this is what I did and again I was stoned …

  1. I started by turning off my lights to the reservoir wouldn’t receive intense light …
  2. Umm took the the plant and coco pod out
  3. Tore the roots and plant apart from top and bottom so I could get the current plant of the coco pod
  4. Then took an exact knife and cut into the side of the coco slowly so I wouldn’t muck it up too much …
  5. Took the soil plant which roots system was freaking huge ( so if I did again would never wait this long) and I rinsed off all the soil I could gently stroking :thinking::joy: the roots so the soil fell off
  6. Then I basically just put the soil plant as best I could through the slit I made
  7. Put it through the top of the reservoir shield and stuffed the cocopod as far down as I could
  8. Drain/fill with clean water a few times

But again i ripped a few bowls after walking the pup as my knee was in a little pain and then the idea dawned on me so I’m sure there is a better way to do this


Hey @chris_barfield,

Too many variables to really do much good for our data collection, we use really science based testing in the grow room, but it will be interesting to watch! A couple points for you to consider…

Bringing a plant from outside will introduce bugs to your system.
Using soil in the dwc tank could clog your pump system up. Be very careful no dirt gets into the system.

You may find the plant is in shock for a week or so, adjusting to having it’s feet wet all the time now, as opposed to the wet/dry cycle from soil. Good luck on the plant, and on the move!



@Stephen so plant has come out of shock of being transplanted :smiley: :tada::tada:… leaves are praying to the sun gods again!! Will post pics after tonight’s growth … question? . the bottom most fan leaves are yellowish and basically dry and curling … should I cut them off as it would allow more light to hit all this new bushy growth or it will I shock the plant more? Also @Stephen could you pm my recipe details mainly when I’m starting flower ?


No pic? :wink:


@Azuri I’m driving back from
New York City right now so I can’t but I def will @Azuri plant is doing 100 percent better had me nervous all week as if what dropping and going through calcium issues but since then plant has bounced back … I’ll be home in about. half an hour and will post for sure … by the way the parents are LA OG KUSH x the cube(starfighter og x starlight ix2) @Azuri guess both our grows will be OG LMAOO



Here the pics from tonight if you notice the how much bushier she is now as the tops have started to grow crazy as well… leaves have now started to reach back towards the light as of his morning I’m assuming by today or tomorrow I won’t have anymore droop.

sorry I’m not the best photographer lol… but if anyone can see the bottom most fan leaves are super dry and yellowing … @rouleauj she’s just now coming out of shock you think it would be too much to cut them off too soon? Then I look online and it says the fan leaves are the main energy producers and to just let them dry out and die?


Comparison shot this is when the shock hit her badly she spent most of fhe week like this after the transplant … but from the pics from the previous post you can see she is coming out of shock nicely


@rouleauj those bottom most fan leaves is what I’m asking if should cut off


I’d ‘leaf’ them be for now. Cutting them will increase the stress and they are still nice and green. They will be helping more than hurting now.



Thanks @Stephen could you pm when I move into flower ?


Amazing how this plant bounces back and literally this strain is retired I’m hoping I can pull a clone soon off it to keep it going …


Hey @chris_barfield,

This is really going to shock you, but I’d need a ticket to support@grobo.io to assist in this request. With so many growers online, it’s impossible to track individual requests on this forum. Please send in a ticket and I’ll be glad to assist!



@Stephen @Azuri @rainstorm3 question what actually happens during the transition phase? Change in light spectrum or light on/off times? Figured anyone who’s completed a grow or is in flowering could tell me ?


Hey @chris_barfield,

Nice question! Basically the transition stage is the beginning of your flowering period. Your lights will change their timing and their spectrum. They will now be on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours. The spectrum changes from predominantly Blue to a bit more Red focused. The plant will enter it’s stretch period where it will shoot up and double (or more) in size. This stage is usually a two week stage.

Hope that helps,


@Stephen can’t wait so much new growth… does grobo youtube have videos of lollypopping cuz I think I’m def going to need to do it … im scheduled to go into transition in 10 days when should i start lollypopping ?


Now my friend. Watch a couple vids on YouTube and get er done lol. While you’re at it watch a few on super cropping, it’ll come in handy in a month or so