Just planted


Planted northern lights today and less than an hour after I got two notifications saying to replace my water and too top off. Anyone else get these after starting a grow? What you think @Stephen? I also thought I heard 2 pumps go off after filling the tank.


Shortly after a fill the pumps cycle for ph adjustment. Being that you just started i don’t think it would be fertilizing yet.


About the refill and top off that does not seem right. You could put in a ticket and let them check you out.


First grow in grobo?


@Wolf no it’s the second one, which is why none of this seemed right. The notications definitely didn’t seem correct but was part of the last beta program for top ups and such so maybe that could be it. The pumps I didn’t think I heard come on the first grow till after the first drain/fill I thought but could be mistaking.



I agree with @Wolf:


Keep us posted on how it turns out… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Put one in yesterday right after I posted here figured tell others too. They said the messages were unnecessary messages and the software team is working on it. The pumps was just pH balance. Didn’t hear them last time for quite awhile I thought, maybe pH was spot on last time don’t know. But everything else is working great couldn’t be happier :groboone:


My seedling literally just popped up today on 10 of 10 of germination cycle but literally is barely peaking out. Should we add more time here or in the next stage?


She was a bit of a slow starter. In day 14 your drain and fill notification will pop up and that one will dispense nutes. I would add 3 days to seedling stage as not to nuke it with nutrients on the next drain fill it will just be pH water.

Option #2 don’t do the drain and fill on day 14 wait 3 days and just do it every 7 days after that but notifications will be out of sync. I do drain and fills every 8 days this grow anyways so out of sync for me. Just keep the resevouir topped until you do the drain fill.

I would add 3 days to recipe personally.


Good to know. I didn’t do drain fill yet (yesterday)because I wasn’t sure if shed pop


Yeah I’m a bit of an experimenter, I found out the hard way. In this grow I intentionally did my first drain and fill on day 11 as I knew nutes would dispense. My little girl got indigestion and her first set of leaves got nute burn since I did it too early. All good now but the lesson learned is don’t try to speed anything up or fuss and cause unneeded stress.


Hey @ToddYYC,

Shoot me a ticket to support and I’ll take a closer peek at your data to make a recommendation. For now you can simply delay your drain/fill, just ensure enough water is present for your young seedlings roots.



See so tiny.


Oooo, exciting! What’re you growing now?!


Supposed to be tangerine dream hybrid from Barneys farms but that’s a day 11 seedling…hoping she takes


:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: hopefully just a slow start!


Day 12 of northern lights she seems like a healthy strong little lady!!










My day 12 vs the day 12 above.

Keep or burn?