Just got my grobo (Damage Report) [RESOLVED]


Omg y’all need to make Chris a Champion because that’s exactly what he is…through snap chat he was able to work with me and trouble shoot the problem until he was able to get me up and running… @chris_barfieldyou r a true blessing and thank you so much for helping me and getting me started…no help from the grobo team but I am back online…I don’t know how y’all expect me to recommend this to anyone with the service I’ve had so far…


It’s all good my man just happy to see us all growing !! @JonnyBlaze.

Oh and throw me that PlayStation 4 handle hop online with ya boy!!


I agree, we have some great growers here on AG, ready to help out in a pinch. @chris_barfield is one of the super stars for sure. Glad you are online and ready to grow, I’m always here if you have questions, and obviously, so are other growers.

Welcome aboard.



@Stephen no doubt anything to help wouldn’t mind being a champion if it helps people out


FedEx is junk I’ll say it time and time again. Your better off with ups. Not sure USPS will do it with the weight and the height issue. But usps is def a great option for supplies


@Bongsmoker89 Thanks for the feedback. We’ve actually been in discussions with UPS for the past few weeks, they’re currently setting up our accounts and we will begin shipping with them next week! We’re hoping that makes a big difference as well.


@chris_barfield Is The Man… :sunny::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb:

Hero… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::green_thumb:


For what it’s worth @bjorn mine was shipped Purlator from you guys and it arrived upright with barely a scratch on it. I’m not sure if that’s an Ontario or Canadian only option but it was handled well.


Thanks @azuri! We had some issues with damage using Purolator as well. Short of putting each Grobo on a palette, the size and weight of the box will always be a bit of a challenge. Hopefully we can get some better results with UPS though!


Sorry tohear about your damages to your machine everything is has initial problems hopefully it is all ironed out so you can get growing soon best of luck


Thanks @Donnie, Thanks to @chris_barfield I was able to get my unit up and running…but I am still very upset about the condition of my unit…my price tag was 2,498. I would have at least thought they wud offer something such a refund on my shipping for my unit or offer me a grow kit for my next grow… but nothing:’(


okay so after talking with Jason we were able to get everything resolved and they are compensating me for the damages…so all in all they did deal with the situation and I feel with the compensation… they made things right with me…I am no longer an angry customer…Thanks @GroboJason for making things right I very much appreciate that as a customer :grin:


This is awesome to hear @JonnyBlaze I really hope the shipping shit show gets sorted for them. I hope fedEx will compensate them for all the damage.


From what I heard they are switching to UPS next week…so hopefully shipping issues will stop popping up


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