Just got my grobo (Damage Report) [RESOLVED]


Luckily I was able to get my work shift switch to night shift…when do you think someone will be contacting me about my unit? @Stephen


Your ears must be ringing! @GroboJason and I discussing this ticket right now! Expect a reply shortly.



Wooohooo awesome :grin:


@chris_barfield I have no way of knowing, but judging by the photos, the construction isn’t of heavy materials that need to withstand the rigors of not only performing the task they are built for, but also the stresses of getting that item from its safe environment at Grobo HQ to the consumer. I have seen 2 complaints on the forum regarding this in the last 60 days and if I were making decisions it would be to beef up the packaging (and possibly construction of the unit) along with griping at the delivery firm




Hey @JonnyBlaze,

@GroboJason responded a couple hours ago, and we just spoke and I showed him this AG thread, so I’ve updated the email response a bit. Do you see them?



Please use my personal email I have been hidden!
No I haven’t seen any emails


Check your spam folder sometimes I get caught up like that


I checked and there was nothing in there :thinking:


So … I am just here waiting for someone to send me those emails that are apparently just floating out there so I can see if I can get my unit up and running before work😬 @Stephen @GroboJason


If you’re ever in Waterloo (whether you buy a second unit or not) let us know. We’ll give you a tour and lunch is on me!


Roger that @JonnyBlaze,

Thanks for the email resend, we’ve sent them out to the corrected email address now. Let me know you received them. I’ll also delete your previous post with the email for your privacy.



Yess sirrr I got them🙌🏾


Sweet! Let’s get you growing…


Think I helped him figure out the WiFi issue waiting on his response lol


@Stephen here is my progress report

No progress at all!!!
this was the last message I got over 2 hours ago…I just want to say that is is some straight BS…only person that has really been trying to help me on this issue is @chris_barfield …I’ve been waiting around all day for help and so far that is the only help I’ve gotten…iam starting to become even more pissed where iam thinking you should just take this junk back and refund me my money…I’ve been troubleshooting with Chris and we thought it might be my router but come to find out that still didn’t resolve the issue…good customer service would involve someone calling me to walk me through this


Hey @JonnyBlaze,

I know @GroboJason has been working on this for most of the day, but I’m down for a call to get you online and growing today! Our current thinking is a possible typo on the password, as the email we were provided was incorrect. (could totally be us, but this is our 1st troubleshooting point.)

Can you PM me your phone number and we can jump on a quick call?



Happy to say I FaceTimed @JonnyBlaze and troubleshooted his unit with him and I got him back online !!! @Stephen @GroboJason


I feel a new champion in the works! Thanks @chris_barfield, you are the man.

@JonnyBlaze all good now?



Yes besides the damage to the unit his aerator lights and WiFi issue have been resolved!!