Just got my grobo (Damage Report) [RESOLVED]


I think y’all need a better shipping company!!! I wud think paying over 2000$ wud insure I have good delivery service…the top of my unit is pretty much broken
With the top of my unit not able to fit snug is this going to affect my grow?
…iam still unboxing
Grrrrr the door is broken as well


Currently not a happy customer


Grrrrrrr… now the unit won’t fill with water :pensive:

Uhhh should I just dump the water in?
@Stephen please help…iam currently just starring at my grobo… what do I do?


are you connected to the WiFi and everything? When I first got mine I had a few issues but after a hard reset and a reconnection to WiFi it started working … I would shut down for a full
Minute then try going through the reconnection routine and see if that works … sorry yours came in that way but grobo usually handles these situations fast


Hey @JonnyBlaze

Sorry for your shipping woes. I’m pretty sure the Grobo guys will make it right for you. Keep us posted and I’ll be happy to help if and when I can. :+1:

If you haven’t already send a support ticket in too.


Omg I am pretty upset rn.
When it arrived the box was all mangled
I opened it to find that the top part completely broken
Then come to find the the door is dangling:(
Then inspite of all that mad asf …I still set up
Somehow during the process of setting up I locked my self out the grobo took me a while but finally got it open
I finish the set up process and try to start filling my unit and nothing:(((((
I did reset and still got nothing
This first impression of the grobo is becoming an epic failure :sob::sob: I just want to grow some weed bro…I figured paying over 2k I wouldn’t have to go through these problems


I can assure that it was definitely the shipping company which comes down to some lazy motherf*uckers it doing their job right… def not a grobo mess up and the units do work … I know it’s not what you want to hear but on the bright side you will probly get a new one or they will fix what they need to … try not to be mad at the team I’m sure it happened during the shipping


Your sooo right this is definitely a shipping problem…but I’ve seen enough comments about the shipping and handling for the grobo team to stop using these idiots…grrrrr iam really upset and now have to go smoke a blunt to settle myself down…grobo team u owe me a blunt and then some !!!


Hi @JonnyBlaze,

This is really heartbreaking. 100% not the way we want to begin our growing relationship. If you haven’t already submitted a support ticket, please do so right away. We are able to submit a claim for damage if reported within 24 hours. We can walk you through some quick repairs to get you growing or arrange for a replacement asap.

Really sorry dude,



I put in a support ticket right after I I realized that the unit would not fill…so it’s in there


Thanks @JonnyBlaze,

We will respond through the support channels for now. Expect to hear back tomorrow morning. (Feel free to update this thread with your progress if you wish.)



@JonnyBlaze they gotcha bro atleast you know will take care of you now !!! Can’t wait to see what you grow



Hopefully, you get a replacement, in better shape… :cry:


I fear a replacement will only end up like the one I have now if they use the same shipping company…ughhh hbu fly mine in VIP style…if it needs to be replaced @Stephen .I mean I do live in Vegas lol😁


Don’t worry most of us waited 2 years to get ours and I think most of us had issues so we all understand just hang tight soon you will be growing the best


I wonder how many replacements caused early buyers to never receive one? seems like Grobo has had many of these and yet still haven’t addressed the poor packaging they ship with


@Captain_Blaze I’m not sure if this packaging is the issues. I think it’s mainly the shippers problem with lazy employees who simply just don’t care and are trying to just make it to Friday to collect the check. I remember working for ups for a bit and they are ruthless in terms of firing. Your late …fired… sick … fired … don’t hit your quota … guess what fired lol. I think across the board the shipping companies suck. Also understand the shipping company probly doesn’t feel threatened if the grobo team pulls their business as it’s a brand new company. Companies like Nike or IBM or Amazon … if they threaten to pull their business they stand to lose millions of dollars while grobo threatens to pull business they are simply losing thousands… I dunno just my opinion !!


If I buy another one I’d probly just drive to Toronto and pick it up lol… maybe get a tour of the headquarters while I’m at it??? @Stephen @bjorn @Chris :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@chris_barfield we have had a couple people come and pickup their unit and we love giving the tour! Bring some of those exotic magic beans with you, and we can start a Barfield test grow in the lab. :wink:

See you soon,


I can send some if you guys want and I plan on going to Toronto for my birthday feb 22 that would be awesome !! Just picked up some beans called bear trap ogkb2.0 x raspberry og !! @Stephen