Just arrived in the mail


Today was a good day. The grobo team resolved our air pump and fluid glass issues and these arrived …

Strain is called Steal Your Yoink
Parents are Yoink x Star Killer og


I’m always curious to see how product is shipped. Interesting packaging for sure.


Not heard of that strain, what seed bank are they from?


@Azuri this came from networking through Instagram and showing up at seshs and meeting growers. I met a guy who grew a few other of his strains he’s created and they were the bomb diggity so I contacted him and got a list of his stuff and selected based on parents and also the accompanying photos of each strain … and I got a really good deal since I always hang out with growers and stuff so I said why not


Interesting, yeah as @ToddYYC mentioned the packaging was interesting I didn’t reconize it and didn’t look like what I’ve recieved or seen in the past.


@Azuri yea everyone is different I’ve got seeds that came in a tiny silicone baseball cap before … packaging was really cool actually


Can’t wait for you to bring them to life for us… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::groboone::herb::green_thumb: