Is this an issue, or just needs a trim?

I’m on day 24(Day 14/14 of early vegetation), and I’m waiting for a new circuit board to arrive since neither of my fans are turning on and the connector for the fill pump is loose and does not turn on either. Either way, it seems that my plant is doing quite well, all things considered.

Just last night, I noticed the tips of the lowest set of leaves were starting to brown I checked again today, and the browning does not seem to be progressing quickly, if at all. The growth does seem to be somewhat slow, but I’m assuming that could be attributed to the fans not strengthening the stem. I just want to get and idea of whether I just need to trim them, or if there is some other issue going on? I took a few photos, along with a close up of the browning concern. TIA!



The bottom leaves always die off after awhile, no need to worry!

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Thanks for the reassurance! Should I just trim them now, rather than waiting for the inevitable?

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Looking good, you could leave them or take them not a big deal. Welcome to the forum!


Just went ahead and trimmed them. Thanks for the help!

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(If the Browning continues to the next set of leaves you may want to check your [PHprobe] [PHsensor]):



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First Grow (Tangerine Dream)

Brown spots on leaves

Brown spots on leaves