Is one set of nutrients enough for a whole grow?


When I order a Grobo will I need to order more than one set of nutrients or will the set the comes with the Grobo last a whole grow?


Great question. The set of nutes you get, In theory should indeed be enough for a full grow. That said, “should” isn’t definitive enough for me, so why not order a second set “just in case”. I’m from the school that says “it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. Just my two cents. :+1::v:


I bought a spare just in case. I’ve already ran through 2 each of but 4 and 5 not even done with my 2nd grow, so yeah I’d buy more. I’ve already bought 3 sets just to have spare.



((PerfectlySaid))… :wink:


Is anyone else having problems with the Icon photos?.. Or is it just me?.. :thinking: