Is my first ever plant alright? (Royal Gorilla X Grobo Solid)

Hello everyone,
I‘m completely new into growing and startet right with a Grobo and a Royal Gorilla seed.
That was a great choice for me and everything is looking fine, or let‘s say, WAS looking fine…
I started noticing some white dots on 2 bottom leafs.
Can anyone help me? What is that? What should I do?
It‘s Day 18 today and it‘s getting worse.

I had some problems with my first drain and I drained the water about 3-4 days too late, was that the problem?

Thank you very much for every answer :smiley:

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I‘m a new user, so I couldn‘t post multiple pics…:

One of the leafs some days ago:

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The infected leafs are down there:


Wouldn’t worry too much about them as they get cut eventually and it doesn’t look too bad. Could have been the late refill. As long as ur new growth looks good should be ok. I’d check water temp.


It doesn’t look like severe burn. Maybe corrected itself and you can a tinge of nutrient burn. Open a ticket with support at and they can double check everything looks right on the inside. Better safe than lose a plant right

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Thanks for your help and for the fast answers :grin: I‘ll double check that!




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This just looks like a splash of the hose liquid when it was hung up:


Thank you very much for the welcome :smiley:

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Sadly it‘s gerting worse… :frowning: