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@Seahawkpi The app will pop up a notification 3 days after you plant your seed to let you know a top up of water is needed. The app will again notify you every 7 days that you should completely drain and then fill your unit. The notifications come on the home screen and via email to you.


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Hey growers,

I’ve got a quick tip to share with you! If you hit the button on the back of your Grobo it will change the lighting on your Grobo to be primed for taking photos. This will last for 10 seconds before returning to its original spectrum. So if you’re proud of what you’ve grown and you want to show it off, use this trick to take the best possible photo in your Grobo.

Don’t forget to tag @grobogrow when you share your masterpieces!


Well 12 days in and all is well**_



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@Seahawkpi - It doesn’t look like the photo uploaded right. Mind trying again? Can’t wait to see your plant!


Hey Growers!

My name is Robyn, I’m the Operations Manager here at Grobo. I’m an avid gardener and love growing new species of plants.

I’m looking forward to seeing photos of your grows!


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Hey everyone!

I’m Sam, and I’m the UX/UI designer here at Grobo. So excited to meet you all and see what everyone is growing!


Hi All Growers

I’m Jason, the Hardware Lead here at Grobo, It’s been amazing seeing your pictures of your grows and hearing about your experiences with the Grobo system. I’m excited to see where this takes us.


Hello name is Chris and super excited to finally receive my email to pay the remainder off my bill!!! Hopefully I get my grobo soon…



New here. Green thumb myself. Really liked how grobe designed everything. Only a handful of things I’d change and sounds like there coming down the line.

Super pumped to use my green thumb and mad cooking skills to share my journey and experience with you



Oooh cooking skills!! Welcome aboard ToddYYC

Rubs hands together


Greetings and Salutations Gardeners/Farmers,

Quite Happy to see this Unit coming of age and seeing the light from legislation.

I’ve been in Contact With the Honorable Chuck B. out here in BC and He’s initiated this.
Very Busy Man is that Realtor and Cannabis Warrior from the 70’s .

This Unit is a great introduction to indoor controlled environments and would definitely be appropriate in the Care-Home settings found in Senior’s facilities as 0ne example .

To all indoor gardeners of all knowledge levels I see this as having a Unique advantage over 0ther similar Units in that 'A Momma Plant' would fit soo very well from My Perspective.

Welcome aboard Richard_Kundra! We couldn’t agree more.



Agreed. Also for professional kitchens for cooking


Hey there.
After a couple of hiccups, we are operational and on day 6 of our grow. Been reading a much as possible in hopes of a good crop. I’m not a green thumb, or a black thumb, but maybe more of a khaki thumb. :rofl: so hoping this Grobo helps me along.


Welcome to AG @rainstorm3! We’re all here to help :seedling:


Hey all I’m randy.
Never grown before so complete newbie on growing and the correct terminology. Got my unit yesterday. Bought some auto flowering seeds but none were in the list only one I had that was regular was girl scout cookies so I went with that one for the first time. Are auto flowering seeds not good to get? I really wanted to try the auto tangerine dream or black jack but didn’t wanna waste time and it not work correctly either lol


Hi @Bongsmoker89

I think from what I understand autos are a bit more complicated of a grow that’s recommended for a first time grower. I think you’ll be fine. @Stephen might adjust your recipe if needed. I have a tangerine dream too that’s 3rd on my list to grow. Looking forward to seeing pics randy.