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Hi everyone. I am brand new to this forum and Grobo ownership. I live in a not legal but quite liberal state where I have been extra patiently waiting since December for my unit to arrive, as Grobo was having some shipping issues for a minute there.

It finally happened over the weekend!!! My Grobo (Gertrude) arrived!!!

This is my first indoor grow whatsoever, having two past experiences with small (personal) outdoor grows under my belt.

I’m fairly excited to have this plant friend of ours living and growing inside the same house as I.

I set up the unit in my third floor bedroom so as not to have to explain my glowing furniture device to friends and associates. This coupled with the fact that I live in a city and do not own a bucket created for an interesting time getting this thing filled to the top with water. In the end it had taken me 5 or so trips up and down to the kitchen with giant bowls of water (thrice filtered) in tow.

Only in that moment did I miss those previous outdoor grows…


I suggest you go out and buy one of those blue plastic 5gallon refillable jugs and a three gallon one. If you have one of those we’re machines that dispense reverse osmosis water. Fill em boylth up, use the three gallon jug for your water fill, it’s just about perfect. Then get a small hand or electric pump to refill the 3 gallon jug via the 5 gallon jug and just continue to rotate like that. Hope this helps, it’s what I do and it works just fine.:+1::v:


Thanks. I’m definitely going to look at utilizing water that has been through the reverse osmosis process on my next go around. As well I will be picking up a bucket or two. Appreciate the insight, as I’m use to learning via trial by error.


Hey brother if you use anything but ro water your ph bottles 1+2 will run out very quickly. If you are using tap water it may have fluoride in it which will make your system ph a lot. Using ro water, we start with a clean slate and can add what we want without over using our nutes. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but if you are in a metropolitan situation you should be able to find one of those water dispensing machines. You’re going to have to do it eventually, and if you don’t it will get costly as you will have to order new nutes early and that could seriously effect your grow. Why take the chance of running out of a bottle or two mid to end grow then not having enough to finish your grow. Take it from us here, I’m trying to help you prevent a small problem from becoming a big one. But it’s up to you. I had to learn the hard way when I started too, only I didn’t have people who cared to give me advice. Believe me I’m trying to make your life easier. :+1::v:


And why learn by trial and error when we can give you advice that has been proven true by pretty much every other grower out there. I’m here to stear you in the right direction. We all are, kindly listen and your first grow with the grobo will be a resounding success :+1::v::joy::beer::beer::beer:


I was looking into growing since late 2017 and was going to go with a competitor ls box. Got talked out of it at the hydroponic store and they sold me a custom intermediate level set up. Nice and all, but not where I am at yet. I’ve had two plants die from stress and multiple seedlings not germ properly.

I finally threw in the towel on it about a month ago and went back to the drawing board. Now I’m just waiting for my unit to arrive!

Can’t seem to find a great answer about if it is actually not the worst idea to have it in my bedroom? I’m assuming the only light leak is the front, and I could cover that up. But how loud to the fans get?


Matt Von Tofu


White noise brother. You get used to it quickly, and think something’s wrong when it’s not running :joy::+1::v:


Mine is in my bedroom and now that I just took a plant down I can’t sleep since the noise isn’t there lol… honestly you get used to it … the flashing led is more of annoyance in the bedroom than anything


And that’s where duct tape comes in handy :joy:





Thanks for the info!

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Also don’t get rid of your other growing kit. Once you get a couple of plants grown in the grobo I bet you that you will have more success with your other setup.


Absolutely the plan! It’s more of I’m using an imperfect space and having to gerryrig work arounds and then fluctuating to another stressor because of such.
Would it be possible to use the grobo as home for a mother, take trims, finish them all off from there? It could make for a constant rotation for me if so!


Hey @Mattvontofu,

Welcome aboard! You can absolutely use the Grobo as a mothering chamber & we have a new mother recipe for just such a case. What strain are you thinking of?



I just bought the Canuk Puk 4.0 but I have no real preference, just want to get growing for the love of the plant and scale up from there!

I’m not looking for high yields; I want “craft” and I do believe the grobo and the community around it seem very supportive of achieving this dream.

Any tips on getting some great genetics in western Canada would great as well! Also, being an elder millennial, I cherish the old strains from the 90’s and because of the hippie mini revival then, the heritage ones.

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Take a look at, and they have good selections

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Some thoughts. Since you’re in Canada I would suggest buying seeds from canadian distrubtuers. There is always the risk of customs confiscation and they do offer insurance at a cost.

Find some strains you like and find the breeders that breed them then purchase those seeds from a place in Canada like TrueNorth seeds. I’m a fan of west coast weed too. I got some seeds from a breeder in BC who has prized strains. You can try them out via TrueNorth. I’ve not order direct from them but they are here:


Hi all! Very excited about the community I’ve joined. I have never grown a thing! Day four with my very own grobo (thanks grobo team!!) but have seen nothing growing yet. It’s only day four, but I’m still excited!! Feels like Christmas!!


Welcome @Alex! There’s a bunch of experienced people on here that will be more than willing to help you out through the the process if you need it. What are you growing?! She should probably pop pretty soon I would think


Candy cream indica. I couldn’t find the list of recipes while I was at the local seed shop… luckily I chose one that is already in the grobo. I much rather start with every advantage. Followed the grobo directions; just waiting to see what happens!!! I’m sure it’s going to to great. Thanks!