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Hey I’m Nate.

I’m kinda a beginner, but have run Crop King’s Northern Lights so far with good results. I have a 6x6 tent w 1000 watt HPS and I’m running Botanicare’s line of nutes. One question I have is about flushing, how long out before harvest do you flush and how many times?

Thanks & Peace out!


Welcome Nate!

I’d recommend flushing at least a week before harvest, aiming to get your run off ppm down under 300. Sounds like you have a nice setup, we are testing some Crop King seed now.



Hello! I’m Nic! Pleased to meet you all!

I just put in my pre-order for the Grobo! Living in an Urban community, I’m delighted to see I have an avenue to easily grow my own things in the privacy and comfort of my own home! If you ever need anyone to test out some features or models, please let me know as I’m anxious to start poking around and playing with this thing!!! Is it April yet??


Hey Nic!

Welcome to All Growers. We are super excited about our launch and have had an overwhelmingly positive response. Thanks to everyone for their support. Can’t wait to see what you grow in your unit Nic, April will be here before you know it!



I just ordered! Is it April yet? Medicine is my focus, herbs, and medical M.J.!


Welcome Andyrmt!

I totally get the medicine focus, but am curious about the herbs. Cilantro? Lemon Basil? What are you thinking?



Cannabis mostly. Does your company provide organic seeds? Also, other medicinal herbs.


Great question! We are currently testing several leading seed breeders and will be making our final determination for partnership soon. Until that time, many online seed companies are available and will ship discretely.


Will you have said breeder in partnership by shipping date of April 2017?


We sure will! We’ve been testing for a while now. :wink:


Hey i’m nick

Going to be focusing on growing medical marijuana, very much looking forward to seeing this forum start to fill up, just made my pre-order :smiley: You should mention this product on reddit, specifically r/microgrowery i’m sure you would get a ton of interest!


Hi!! I’m Soph i just pre ordered Grobo and I’m so excited to try this in April!! It’s a gift to my boyfriend who would love to try to grow some medicinal MJ. But I would like to grow some type of fruit inside, do you have any suggestions of fruits that would be suitable to try to grow in the Grobo?


Hi Soph,

Thanks for your order and welcome to the Grobo family! Your boyfriend sure
is one lucky guy. Fruit is harder than Cannabis, but you can do it!
Strawberries are fun, but how about an orange or lemon tree?

Can’t wait to see what you grow,


Stephen Campbell
Horticulture, Partnerships & Community
Grobo Inc. | Facebook |

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Welcome Nick!

Great idea with the reddit post, if you want to do one, we will certainly upvote and share it around!

Can’t wait to see what’s growing in your unit,



Just made the post, hopefully it gets some good feedback and a few more faces in here :slight_smile:


Runs to Reddit can’t wait!


Hi, I’m a biology teacher in Arizona. I’ve spent the last three years incorporating hydroponics into my curriculum as a project based learning strategy . Kids have been very responsive and it’s gotten the attention of the district. My position this year has shifted slightly. I am still teaching part of the day, but spend the rest of the afternoon working with teachers and helping them embrace technology in the classroom. This also includes workshops and training with teachers across the district, which is the largest in Arizona. I am really anxious to get this unit into the classroom. It opens up whole new realm of possibilities as our unit continues to evolve, expand and become more inclusive. Looking forward to April. I don’t know if you offer any educational discounts, but if that’s a conversation you’d consider, I would also welcome that opportunity.


Hi Kaz,

Welcome to the Grobo family! That is awesome that you are combining tech and hydroponics in the classroom. The students will certainly enjoy playing with the Grobo app and adjusting the spectrum of LED for maximum effect. What are you planning on growing first?


Hey All,

New to the community, but look forward to the potential that Grobo offers. I’ve seen some skeptical posts, but I am an early adopter of lots of tech and Grobo is just another early adopter opportunity I want in on.