Intake vent


So I was thinking of putting a filter on an intake vent as well as the output vent. Should there be an issue doing this? Can I have my intake fan on the outside of tent and on top of Grobo?

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Intake vent

Anyone know the answer?..

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I’d keep my inline fan connected to my filter on the inside for exhaust, then simply stand the other filter on the outside of the tent near the vent. Connect your hosing to it and feed it through the bottom vent. The fan on inside will create negative pressure and draw air in from the bottom vent you have the hose connected to the outside Intake filter. Keep in mind though, you will have to turn up your inline fan in order to create enough pull to get the air in through the outside filter. That said, I’ve done it before and it’s completely unnecessary, and more a pain in the ass than anything. Hope that helps :+1::v::joy:

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Sorry took awhile to reply but thank you for your advice. I still think I’m going to use other filter because don’t need odor issues and if this helps in any way to pull smoke into grow tent then I’m in.


Pull smoke into the grow tent??? :man_shrugging::thinking::man_shrugging:


Don’t need odors hanging around on a few occasions so I have the filter on the outside to blow unwanted odors in and hopefully by placing on my grobo when it arrives to put filter right on top so it can catch any stray odor from opening machine. We shall see…