In House Genetics - Royalty


First grow - OGKB x Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies.

I’m naming her Shelley! :smile:

Day 7

Day 8


Hey @Kaneh

Nice pics someone who has a nice camera, tell me this isn’t a smart phone or tablet. :joy:

Happy Growing :herb:


So you crossed those or is this a strain you picked up ? Either way In house has that fireeeeeeeeee…


Thank you! It’s a camera! :camera: :smile:


No I just picked that one. :smiley:


Shelley - Day 9


So awesome @Kaneh-


I’m sure this will be a nice grow, two different cookie phenos crossed together. In House deff got some of the best genes in the game.


Thank you :smile:


:smiley: I love the Girl Scout Cookie Strain!


Shelley - Day 10


Shelley - Day 11


Shelley - Day 12


Shelley - Day 13


Great pics as always looking forward to late in bud shots. :heart_eyes:


Whatever camera your using I think is more fire than the plant lmaooo… those shots are awesome … but all jokes in-house has some of the best genetics out here… you should shoot me a clone of that royalty :eyes::eyes::joy::joy:


Ditto! :smiley:


Haha thank you! :sunglasses: :camera: We should trade clones someday :smile:


Shelley - Day 19


Man let me know have some trapstar clones and boyyyyy she is fire from exotic genetics