I'm updating our recipes, what strains or cultivars should I add?


Hello growers,

I’m adding to our every expanding list of glorious things to be grown in your Grobo and would love your input. Do you have a favorite strain you are yearning to grow? Want a mother plant recipe for clone production? Found an interesting determinate tomato that you want to run? Let me know in the comments below!

Introduce yourself

Are you taking just a pool of responses or will you be looking to create a top 10 list?

Either way you go, if possible here are a few I’ll throw in the mix:

sorry if any of these already exist

Blue Knight
DJ Short Blueberry
Bubba Kush
Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1
Jilly Bean
White Gold

A little exotic and difficult to find, but my favorites nonetheless!


A clone recipe for sure.

I’d also love to try growing tea. That maybe out of the Grobo realm, but it would be amazing to get. Hearty one started in the box and be able to transplant it.


I’m a fan of couch-lock, please consider some of my favs below:

  • Gorilla Glue #4 - (My fav strain) Not been able to find seeds but there is canadian grower on youtube and on this board who grows it, not going to flag him.

  • Rockstar - Also know as BC Kush (I Think)

  • Death Bubba Best strain for insomnia IMO

  • Pink Kush

Preferably all feminized vs autoflower.

Clone support as @rainstorm3 mentioned. Option in app to start grow at seed or clone that is already rooted in a Coco Pod.

Ohh if anyone knows who sells Gorilla Glue #4 seeds, please share. :+1:


Yeah I’d like to see a recipe for Gorilla Glue#4 and Banana Kush please.


@Azuri did you try upper canada seed bank?


I’ll be working on video posts when I figure a suitable way to start the grow in grobo and transplant. More practice the better


Hey Rich,

I’m pooling responses, thanks for the list. You have some exotic stuff in there for sure!



Hi rainstorm3,

So far I’ve been challenged by our CTO with a pineapple top, avocado seed and several bonzai trees. When Chris walks in with that look in his eye, I know I’m up for a challenge. I don’t see any reason we couldn’t begin testing this too in the lab. Interesting idea, thanks!



@ToddYYC I have not, I will have to broaden my horizons. Thanks for the recommendation!


After my blueberry I’ll be throwing in one of the seeds I got from them @Azuri likely the girl guides indica. I’ll let you know how it goes. So far I’ve only ordered from them and north canada seed bank. So far the later seems more organized but totally different selections. Pricing was similar.


Haven’t received my grobo just yet but I’d love recipes for:

Blue Jane
Acapulco Gold
Kosher Dawg


@stephen more seeds recipes from Royal Queen Seeds, Ocean grown, Humboldt county, and DNA genetics, G13, and a lot more Barneys… There stuff is legit… Tangerine dreams and my Soil Cookies and Kush looks amazing.


I’m a big fan of Humboldt County, Royal Queen and G13 Labs, with Barney’s following closely behind. Really looking forward to expanding our list.

Love the feedback everyone, keep it coming!!!



Happy to hear that @Jamminbear I’m looking forward to the tangerine dream!


@Stephen any seed company you don’t reccomeend? I didn’t like my Canucks White widow. I’m planning on getting more seeds since there is a sale at truenorthseeds. What do u think of DNA Genetics? Overpriced or worth it?


@jamminbear buy today or tomorrow from true north. They have 30 percent off all seeds atm with about half a dozen extra free offers inclusive of extra seeds. I got 2 free seeds in my order the other day


I might be wrong I think @Jamminbear isn’t a fan of Canuck seeds, they are a breeder of seeds opposed to a seed bank what truenorth seeds is. They sell all the various breeders seeds. It’s a bit confusing and hopefully that made sense.

With that being said my seeds were from Dinafem, bought through truenorth seed bank. I’ve just wrapped my head around the seedbanks, always know they been there but always used clones in the past.


Is that your first dinFem @Azuri or your preferred


First seed purchase.

I bought these seeds based on the strain and recipes already available here. I think I mentioned I’m new to using seeds, I’ve used clones from a mother plant in the past.

When I inspected the seeds they looked a little small and didn’t look healthy to my untrained eye. I was used too big seeds from back in the day that you found in the bottom of the bag.

I searched femminzed seeds and yeah, their appearance was normal, lol. Plant looks good and healthy for day 7. I would buy Dinafem seeds again for another strain for sure.