I think my worst fears have been realized.... :(


Had begun this grow with some “feminized” seeds I had purchased, now I see nothing but what looks like tiny seeds sprouting all over the bottoms and some of the midsections of what should be (if memory serves) some larger buds by this time.

This is only my 2nd attempt at growing. The first having been a successful personal sized grow outdoors in buckets. I mention this because my knowledge is decidedly limited on the actual growth process.

I am guessing what I have here is a hermaphrodite? :weary:


Are there any buds? That looks like a straight up male to me lol I’ve never had a plant herm on me so I don’t know what it looks like personally

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Unless you want to do something with it I would just end the grow and start a new one. Maybe get different seeds?


At this point it can’t hurt to let the seeds mature, then you have loads of seeds from that strain. Then you pop say 10 of em grow them in Solo cups till you can sex em, then when you find a female, make her your mother plant. After that clone her and then stick in the grobo. The grow will go quicker and you won’t have to buy seeds until you want to try a different strain!! Win win, best of both worlds :joy::+1::fu:


Looks like a straight up male to me. Herms get little yellow bananas which pollinate the flowers. No sign of female flowering that I can see.


That’s what I thought



Appreciate the insight.

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Words right out of my mouth

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Contact where you purchased from and show them
They should replace with no issue or put them on blast on IG and then contact them might get a faster response back


Yeah I agree I’d contact the breeder for sure. Some sort of compensation should come of it. Maybe don’t get the same strain if it potentially is a problem batch of seeds


Honestly if you bought those seeds from a seed bank and they compensated you I would just go to a different breeder because obviously that breeder isn’t doing a good job to allow such an atrocity to happen🤦🏾‍♂️

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I’m so sorry about your not girl. But like @Osage said you got hella seeds now.


@Mcmanis. He won’t have any seeds if it’s a male. Unless he has a female to pollenate, but why would you want to lol


Yea that’s def a male… what strain … you could save the pollen



worst fears

((#SorryToSeeItIsAMale))… :sob::sob::sob: