I can't find my strain in the recipe list! [RESOLVED]


@Stephen I bought some auto flower seeds. The strain is Northern Lights. From what I read over this post I would like to confirm: generic cannabis auto recipe should do the job?

Second question: would using generic auto recipe impact the results? That is to ask; regardless of strain should the yield still be decent? I know it’s a loaded question.

Grobo Grow Recipes

I’m not @Stephen and I’ve been using the generic hybrid recipe and my plant is growing strong as ever … and I also transplanted it from soil so I put the plant through a lot and that recipes seems to be :ok_hand:

I think you will be good @Growya


Thanks @chris_barfield! I appreciate the insight. I found a post by Stephen that said to use the generic recipe, too.

Once the grobo is here I’ll keep everyone posted.

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For those looking. Here is the other post that @Stephen suggests to use generic auto, which is confirmed by @chris_barfield

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Hi growers,

Thanks @Growya for bringing this up. If you have a strain you would like me to make a recipe for, I add them 4 times a year, based upon testing in our lab, seed breeders, seed partners and of course mainly our users requests. (I’m looking at you @chris_barfield :wink: )

Want a recipe to be added? Place your request HERE.
What to do if your recipe isn’t there but you are ready to grow? Select a generic recipe. You can choose from:

Generic Hybrid
Generic Indica
Generic Sativa
Generic Auto

If you are unsure of the genetics the seed you have possesses, I recommend the Generic Hybrid recipe.

Good luck!


@Stephen oh I got some heat for you to add especailly when the clone recipe hits!!! Have access to a bunch of clone only strains from capulator and jungle boys. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::money_mouth_face:

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