Humidity Levels


Im new to all this but what should the humidity levels be in the grobo for the seedling stage? Im growing Northern Lights Fem Reg.
Day 14.


Hey @Andyrmt

These numbers below should be fine. Certain times of the year in certain areas you can’t always obtain them.



Thanks @Azuri , Mine is in the grobo, day 14 small Seedling with 4 leaves, the lower fan is on and Grobo is reading 35% on my humidity gauge. 78* internal environment. I keep the room warm so the plant doesn’t shock. Using a separate micro mist Humidifier to raise the levels to 40%. Hopefully it can raise it somewhat. Im waiting on a separate air pump as mine died two weeks into my first grow. I am hoping when I attach the external pump the aeration will increase the humidity. Waiting on Grobo support to see if they can fix the issue. Thanks.


I fee your pain dude but just hold tight … what I’ve kearned is that these plants are very resilient we have all had issues with our units as we are the early adopters of the grobo


I’m not unreasonable. I’ll give it a day or so. Happy new year man😊