How to raise humidity in grobo?


So I was looking at my temp and humidity levels and I’m sitting right around 41 percent for humidity but I’d like sit somewhere around 50 percent… what’s the best way to raise humidity besides buy a humidifier?


I found mine just went up naturally the longer the grow went was at 45ish then jumped up to 65ish to 70ish even climbed a little higher.Bought a dehumidifier to get the humidity back down keeping it on 50 right now. Running ceiling fan on high in the room as well just to circulate the air


One weird way I did it a few times was to wet some towels and put them in the dryer. My dryer hose isn’t connected to outside so the humid air brought both temp and humidity up.


Yea I think my issue is if the temp is 75 in my house the grobo reads (by my 10$ Rh/temp meter) about 4-5 degrees hotter than my room temp… so I run the ac which takes the humidity down… so then I turn it off and humidity goes up but so does temp… so it’s a constant battle and I’m trying to keep everything as constant as I can since I just did that transplant… right now she’s in shock but new growth is constant