How long is shipping taking during COVID-19?

Has anyone ordered recently? Regular grow supplies not a unit


We have ordered both supplies and a unit and have not had any sort of shipping update yet, hopefully we hear from the team soon! We are very excited.

Recently took me about 2 weeks to get a nutrient pack. Just got them Friday.

O.o.k…I need a pH Calibration care kit…to start my next grow. I know if you get anything from amazon it won’t take to long. I seen some things next day. And it wasn’t essential

I ordered my system and pro grow kit on the 14th of April haven’t heard back yet I am hopeful to hear from them soon

That whats up…no matter the wait it’s worth it. I ordered mine Oct. 2019. Didn’t come until a 6 days before Christmas!. Planted my 1st seed on Christmas day. Went to harvest yesterday


I’d say pretty fast all things considered! I ordered the Grobo premium on 5/3 and it arrived 5/30. Ordering supplies were much faster and less than a week to arrive


How long did it take you to receive your shipping email? I ordered on 5/28 and haven’t heard yet from Grobo after my initial order confirmation email.


I recommend ordering some extra nutrients and grow kits to have on hand. It took me 2 weeks to get my Acuff.

I bought the Pro Grow Kit along with the Grobo Premium. Do those arrive seperately?

Shipping will take up to 45 days. I think most people receive their Grobo sooner

Yeah the Pro Grow Kit will arrive separately from the Grobo. I ordered the kit with the grobo as well. The Grobo does have a nutrient bottle kit + cocopod that comes packed with the unit.

Always good to have extra stuff - bottles, coco pods, ph calibration kit

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I ordered my second unit on 6/1 - no update yet.


I also ordered my second Grobo Premium! On June 11. Patiently waiting! No problem mon Soon come!


Oh wow! Good amount of people on these forums have multiple units - Good sign at least.


Anyone found a great way to purchase used Grobo? I’m looking to purchase a used premium Grobo and I’m in Southern California

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I’ve seen people selling occasionally - But with shipping, price just has not been worth it for what they are asking



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I made my order for my first grobo on 5/26 along with a pro grow kit, I still haven’t received any sort of shipping update. I’ve been getting pretty restless :sleepy: the anticipation is real! I’m deciding if I should just go ahead and place another order for a grow kit, another set of support racks and the ph calibration kit as well.

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Stephen basically told me when I ordered second unit - They are at half staff capacity in the place that they made these - But shipments are going out weekly, and they are mostly coming in under the 45 days.

I would keep good supply of the nutes on backup - I have 5 sets I like to keep, instead of constantly ordering more.