Hi NEWBIE here


Hi. newbie here want lo learn some hints


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When you start your seed, get a solo cup, fill it with reverse osmosis water, then plop your seed in the water. If it floats, tap it a few times with your finger till it drops to bottom. 24-36 hours later you should see a nice tap root. Pick it up by the shell with tweezers and gently put it tap root down in your coco pod then place in grobo and in a couple of days your roots will be touching water and shortly there after will be taking up nutrients. Best beginner tip I can give. Second is don’t ever lift the lid and expose roots to light! It kills them. Get that done and I’ll be happy to advise further. :+1::v:


That part is key. Roots don’t see light in soil, neither should they see light in a Hydro set up.


I have proof to show u what happens when u lift the lid too.much