Hi NEWBIE here


Hi. newbie here want lo learn some hints


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When you start your seed, get a solo cup, fill it with reverse osmosis water, then plop your seed in the water. If it floats, tap it a few times with your finger till it drops to bottom. 24-36 hours later you should see a nice tap root. Pick it up by the shell with tweezers and gently put it tap root down in your coco pod then place in grobo and in a couple of days your roots will be touching water and shortly there after will be taking up nutrients. Best beginner tip I can give. Second is don’t ever lift the lid and expose roots to light! It kills them. Get that done and I’ll be happy to advise further. :+1::v:


That part is key. Roots don’t see light in soil, neither should they see light in a Hydro set up.


I have proof to show u what happens when u lift the lid too.much


Don’t be like me, be sure to properly germinate your seed prior to placing it in the pod.

To germinate, simply place your seed in the center of a moist paper towel. Fold the towel over completely encasing the seed and place it in a dark, warm location (optimal temperature is 78°F for cannabis) before leaving it be for 3-5 days.

I place my seed in the center of two dinner plates, one facing up and one facing down directly on top of the other to create a flying saucer looking shape.

This was/is the only way I had ever prepared a seed before (have some experience with outdoor growing personal amounts of the stuff). Looking to embrace the fully automated system I simply placed a feminized seed into the moist pod and closed off the top. After 6 or 7 days I was impatiently looking at a quarter inch tail coming from the seed when I grabbed (a new) seed, some plates and a paper towel. 3 days later I had an inch and a half or more of a much healthier looking root to start.

It certainly could have been a bunk seed but for me if something isn’t broken don’t fix it. My plate system hasn’t failed me yet.


It really depends. Most people have has success planting directly into the pod. My seed took longer because my room was too cold. The pods are designed to be able to plant inside of them. I germinated my second plant in an incubator and it sprouted in 3 days then I put it in the coco pod, so it varies.


@OhNoGro I’ve also used this method like 8 times now. Always worked :+1: