Help on finding the recipe for Critical Kali Mist for the grobo [RESOLVED]


I cannot find this recipe on Grobo Grow Recipes, the data sheet for the seed states 10 week till flowering, but I don’t see any recipe for that amount of time.


Place your recipes in one of these Topics already made… They should find your post easier… They may add it to the List, and TY… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Shoot @Stephen a message after you select a generic and he can adjust. I even picked my seed from the list as he already added it but it required some noot adjustments mid grow. You’ll be good with a generic for the first month or so.


Hi @wayne,

The Cannabis - Sativa - Generic 122 day recipe will work great. I suggest starting that one and making any new recipe requests on this thread here.



Thanks Todd!