Help my plant is touching the lights


Gorilla bomb :bomb:


Pinch and twist top branches that are going to the light, just like the video and pics… Send a ticket in and get help with the GroboTeam first… :crossed_fingers:


Whats micro topping and when do you start to do that ? Just curious never heard lol


I’m gonna guess it’s an auto stuck in vege. You’ll need to chat with Stephen what to do


I think (Micro-topping) is when you’ve already Topped your plant once, then you go and (Top it a second time)… :wink:


Hi @David_mendez,

You have a couple options here.

  1. Push the coco pod through the lid into the reservoir. this will give you several extra inches to play with.
  2. Super crop your tall branches. Pinch, twist and gently bend stems to 90 degree angle.
  3. If you don’t see buds forming soon, I can increase your night time to give her a boost. You have finished transition and are 2 weeks into flower. I expect to see some buds by now. Just let me know…

@ToddYYC, autoflowers on a regular recipe are no problem, they will flower. It’s the non autos that are grown with an auto recipe that will produce a perpetual veg cycle. Good thinking!



Good to know. It looked like it just kept going and going. Might not be a bad thing for the harvest… hehhehe


thanks to all of you i pushed it down and tied part of the stem away from the center just a bit so it wuldnt continue to burn or hit the lights its doing much better now


Hey @David_mendez, you probably already saw this, but ya lol.


@Dew thank you I pushed mine down too but didn’t get as much space as he did so I tied branches of to the sides :wink:


Nice @David_mendez, hope all ends well with the grow :raised_hands:


I’m hoping it’s my first grow so I’m still some what scared of touching it but I’ve lollipoped it and now I’m just hoping for the best :rofl:


I hear ya, these gals are definitely on the hardier side. Pretty resilient on the plant scale from other things I’ve grown for sure. I’m just going right along with the what I’ve learned on this here forum and what little I apparently thought I knew before. Lol


Esp with hydro, thats new to me-


@David_mendez What did you use to tie the stem down?


@punchy I just used a a new shoe string ran it through the side of the grobo so I can pull and tie it as far as I need to get it away from touching the light


@David_mendez is your gorilla :bomb: starting to show buds? I’d really like to see pics since your last posted.



@David_mendez Thanks those buds look BIG!! Good stuff!


@David_mendez Did you harvest the Gorilla Bomb?I was wondering what she look like since last. I am about 1 week into my flowering I have to Super crop sooner rather than later after seeing the stretch yours went thru.