Help me solve this mystery


Any idea what this red substance is? It is blowing my mind! :exploding_head: We started a new grow last week, and when I looked in on day 4 the red substance shown in the pictures was there. I looked at all of the nutrient bottles and they were all fine. It’s become a great mystery in our house. :face_with_monocle:


It happened to mine I just cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol and I think it showed once more and that was it @MileHighPapers


@MileHighPapers I’m laughing so hard. I was just questioning that this morning. I have zero clue to what it is. It appeared during my last grow too. I always thought it was coming from the bottles.


It is nutes something happens to me in the weirdest places


Hey @MileHighPapers,

That spectrum looks off to me, can you please put a ticket into so we can get you straightened out? I’d love to help…