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Finished the flower stage so I thought I had to choose when to finish (which I thought to begin a flush) so I chose to “End Grow”. Lights out. Fans still on. I have to change water don’t I so as to flush the nutrients? Need to start something.


Hey @greenman, from what I understand, the system will do this atomatically after flowering stage ends for ten days then its up to you as to when to hit the “end grow” button. If you already did, it may be too late, but send a ticket to and they can put you back to where you were so you can go into flush mode.

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@Dew, thanks. Ticket in. Just thought someone might know if I could do anything before the Grobo crew comes back to work. Worst is, the plant get some more shuteye. Thanks.


I wish the #GroboTeam would implement this into the Maintenance (#Dropdownwindow)… Give us the notice to start the flush instead of it doing it automatically… :wink::crossed_fingers:


@SilverGrobo, I agree. I was at last day of flower. I have a time limit approaching (trip) and want a proper flush and time to dry then cure before leaving. By trying to start flush by using “End Grow”, I have lost ability to continue that Grow Journal. Now Grobo has me up and flushing again. Good. Now this confuses me. I preformed a Drain & Fill for the flush. Never have I used so many nutrients in my grow. I thought a flush would be almost straight water to flush out the nutrients. Open to comments - @Stephen ? Again, I am the user that needs Grobo Growing for Dummies. But Grobo has got me this far.


This got me thinking and I found an answer to one of my questions at least. Does grobo flush cannabis? May help!

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Hey @Stephen, a question, does this mean the last drain/fill the system will not dispense nutes? It wouldn’t really affect the plant if you choose to keep it going say a couple more weeks?

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Flush” happens automatically on the plant, and “Flush” is not supposed to give you any of the “Bottles” at all… “End Grow” is only supposed to be clicked when you are finished with the “Flush”… I’m sorry for your rush to get to a (trip) and finish your plant… It really does need a proper “flush”… I would put empty bottles under the nutrient hoses so no nutrients get into your (drain/fill) so you will be in flush (or no bottles at all under your hoses)…

For your “Grow Journal” you should still be able to add photos to it… We are on our 2nd plant and I was able to access our prior grow…

You are too funny… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl:




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Jul 13

Hi chris_barfield,

Wonder no more! Each cannabis recipe has a ** 10-day flush** at the end of the recipe. This helps deliver the best flowers possible. Great question.



Aug 1

@SterlingNico a flush is at the end of flowering stage right before you harvest. Basically, the Grobo will feed only water to plant no nutrients to allow all the nutrients built up in the plant get used by the plant to ensure the best tasting and healthiest cannabis To consume.


Oct 12

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I agree!!!

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