Help - Grobo stopped working

I submitted a ticket to support and haven’t heard back yet, but last night my grobo was working just fine and nothing or no one was around it. This morning I woke up and it was just off. there is power running to the grobo, but the pump / leds / all lights are off and I can’t get it to turn back on. Does anyone have any ideas? I Don’t want to lose my first plant.

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This happened to me so often!

Unplug the device. Wait 30 seconds, plug it back in and hopefully everything comes back up. If it doesn’t, I found you can log into the Web GUI and adjust the lighting schedule which will kick the lights back on

You can also do a factory default

  1. Unplug your Grobo for 20 seconds
  2. While plugging it back in, hold the user button down from approximately 20 seconds
  3. You will see the User LED light flash a pink and yellow pattern
  4. Your User LED light will then go red > green > blue then back to solid green
  5. From here, you can reconnect to WiFi
    Your recipe won’t need to be reapplied and you can continue to grow!

Thanks, but unfortunately that did not help :frowning: I think something broke, I had a surge protector and everything idk what made it stop working. I can’t even get it it power on.

I know my plant will most likely die, but how will I open the Grobo to clean it out so it doesn’t smell awful.

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Sorry @Enron, you’ll want someone with more grobo experience than me. Not sure what the cause is, but if you tried all of this and nothing works than you’ve suffered a severe problem somewhere. I’m sure the grobo team has seen it and since it’s not a weekend or a holiday that I’m aware of you’ll get a response shortly.

I had issues like this myself. The lights would just turn off and not come on when they were supposed to or would turn off randomly. My guess was software, overheating and or failed components. The only thing that helped me get those lights back on was the aforementioned. Hopefully you receive a quick and easy remedy.

@chris_barfield has had experience transplanting from and to the grobo so he may be able to assist you in saving your grow outside of the unit.


Hey @Enron,

I’ve responded through support, let’s continue the troubleshooting…



Thanks for the help so far, hopefully we can figure it out.



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Odd, my grobo died the other day too. Same day there were Grobo server errors.

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Hmm, I wonder if there is a possible connection.

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