Hellp me


Hellp me i have royal queen seed shining silver haze she is 10 days. Temperatures 25°C. I think she is small and help me please


@giorgi_fifia aaaawwwww she is so cute!

I personally wouldn’t worry about a thing. The stem is nice and straight and the leaves are a bright healthy green.

Give her time to settle in her home you will see she will start growing like a weed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Patience and time is what’s needed the plant is focused on expanding its roots right now so vertical growth might not be as fast as you want but when more roots hit the water it will blow up



She is Beautiful just give it time… :timer_clock:



She is very small but beautiful! 30 days


That’s 30 days? Can you show a side view shot so we can see how many nodes, what nutrients are you using? Type of soil? Type of water, is it in a tent or open room? What lights are you using? Is there a fan circulating air around her? I ask all these questions because they all effect the health and growth of the plant. And if this girl is at 30 days either she is super slow or there is something wrong.


At 30 days you should be at a point where you can decide if you want to flower or not



((#LovingTheWaySheLooks))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts: