Hello to the community!


Just wanted to say hello to all. Unfortunately, my Grobo was damaged by the delivery company so am patiently waiting to have it picked up next Monday. Thanks to Jason and the support team for helping me stay sane after the length of time I have already waited for my machine.

Look forward to a healthy grow and the help of all growers community.


Welcome @Andyrmt, sorry to hear of the mishap with the shipping of your Grobo. What will you be growing first?

Looking forward to seeing some pics!



Hello… Sorry about the shipping damage issue… Hope you get a replacement ASAP…



Welcome to the team :grin:


I’m in Toronto Canada, don’t have a grow licence but also don’t know where to buy seeds☹️




@Andyrmt ,

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds this site is pretty good. Truenorthseedbank.com

Just remember if you purchase a seed for a strain that no recipe exist you can simply start a generic recipe and send a request to @Stephen at the appropriate thread in the forum to get it added.

I’m very new to the allgrowers/Grobo community and I found reading every single thing on this forum has helped me tremendously so far.

Hope this helps.



Breeders are the seed Banks… :wink:


@Andyrmt if you can make it to Kensington market area there’s places that sell seeds, I’ve had friends get them there in the past, although I dont know exactly where store wise they did get them just know they were in that area. Otherwise yeah the true north seed bank and talk to someone from grobo I believe they give you a 25% off code :wink:


Try your local Hydroponic store, mine sells seeds too.


Thanks Barbara!


Thanks SilverGrobo! Im still waiting for UPS to pick up the Grobo they damaged on Monday. Then Grobo is sending another. I already have seeds from Canuck , white widow, Northern Lights X Big Bud Auto Fem and White Critical Fem. So its just deciding which one to start with. What if the seed I buy is not listed in Grobo’s Recipe list for the app?


Hey @Andyrmt, use this! Recipe Requests Oct - Nov 2018
Not trying to steal your thunder @SilverGrobo :wink::+1:


@Andyrmt you just pick generic hybrid, sativa or indica. I’m growing master kush and the recipe wasn’t there so I chose generic Indica


True north has another 50% off sale until nov 30

Dont need a grow license in Toronto


To be Honest with the Team, I Forget where @fuz got the three different seeds we got, but we picked the:

For our 1st grow…

For our 2nd grow…

For our 3rd grow…

For the record, the first recipe worked just fine… The 2nd is still alive…
We just matched the underlined name to a recipe…



you don’t need a grow licence to grow indoors in a rental?


Not in Canada
Up to 4 plants


New Update on the Seeds…

We got all three seed:
#1 Cannabis Seeds Store | Buy Marijuana Seeds at True North Seed Bank Today | True North Seed Bank

The 4th Seed we would like to try:
Pineapple Express | Best Cannabis Seeds | G13 Labs UK

Recipe Requests Oct - Dec 2018

Thanks Stephane,
I finally got the new Grobo last week and set it up Monday with Northern Lights Hybrid Fem. Seems to be working well, in the germinating phase so far, a little trouble keeping the wifi connected but so far so good! No instructions to fill yet.