Hello I’m Rob


Hi everyone. This is my seed in my Grobo after 6 days. Love my Grobo and the service I receive. I am very new at this and have no idea what I am doing but what ever I am doing seams to be working.


Now that you see the little root try not to open it up anymore unless you need to :). Roots hate light

Looking great though, what’re you growing?! I have some master kush flowering at the moment, exciting times!


I am trying sour Diesel. And thanks for the advice. I will keep it closed from now on.


Nice can’t go wrong with S.D.

We’re all here to help if you have questions in the future. I’ve learned a lot, I’m sure you will too :call_me_hand:


Hey I could be wrong but I noticed that your cover doesn’t appear to have a sticker indicating to put the coco pod that low. If i’m wrong disregard but if there isn’t a sticker you have the same cover as me and your coco pod should be flush with the top of the cover.

Your little seedling looks great btw!


Damn good eye @Stephane. I believe you’re right though





Should I try and push it up so that it is level with the top? Or will I injure the plant? Thanks





Yeah @Rawpwr420 push it up. Better to do it now while you don’t have any roots coming out the sides.