Hello I am Rob


Rob here. I am very new at this. I have a Grobo and love it so far. I planted a seed about 6 days ago and found a root coming out of the bottom into the water already. So excited. If anyone has any tips or anything for me it would be very appreciated . Thanks everyone.


It’s tempting to look at the roots, but the roots are kinda shy and don’t really like to be seen with the lights on. Light is her kryptonite. Try not to peak too much, unless you absolutely need to. Welcome and good luck. :+1:


Thank you





Where are you getting the reverse osmosis water ?


I am using distilled water


You can get ro water at most groceries, and if you know of a location with one of those water dispensing machines, they usually have ro water. That’s what I do, get it from one of those machines.



You planted a seed and it popped like that in 6 days?? Did you germinate first or just the seed.


Hey @Mcmanis

Pretty sure @rouleauj germinates in water prior to planting. Similar to this. :point_down:


I took the seed and put in a wet coco pod and put it in my Grobo


@Azuri is correct :smiley: I do indeed germinate in a solo cup with ro water for 24-36 hours until I see a nice tap root and then place root down in coco pod. :+1::v:


I just checked I have a pretty long root growing. I so happy. I was worried that I had a dead seed. A lot of people Re say they got a seedling in 5- 6 days and mines took 13 days but I did not germinate before. I dont have the time to do that nor did I want to mess it up. The seeds were crazy expensive. Nonetheless I glad she’s finally growing.


Hey Mcmanis, it will actually take less time if you germinate prior to plopping the seed into the coco pod. Give it a go next time. I’ve had 100% germination rate using the above method. :+1::v::fist: