Hello All


Hey everyone, I’m a avid maryjane smoker and I am getting ready to purchase a Grobo here soon. I browsed through some of the forum topics and learned and enjoyed some of the conversation folks were having. I am here because I want to learn more about growing in general and want to be a part of a community that shares some of the same interest as me. I currently work as an educator teaching high* school courses. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope to interact with you all!


Welcome. The fact that marijuana comes naturally from a plant means its accessible to many. Welcome to the forums.


Welcome aboard @teacherman4,

You will find a great community of helpful growers here for sure, lots of thirst for knowledge!



Welcome! Always fun to have someone join in on the fun!



Welcome aboard … Always a pleasure to have a newcomer… I Love :hearts::camera::camera_flash: pictures… It’s been a sweet ride… @fuz and I are on our 2nd Grow…




Welcome to the family.


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